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Plastics 30x15mm Oval pipe Plug, ubing Post End Cap,Inserts Glides


Product Specification

Product Name: Oval tubing plastic end cap, Ribbed Rectangle tube pipe hole insert finishing plug. chair glide floor protector, fitness equipment end caps, Durable Chair Glide, fence post end caps, tubing and pipe end caps.

Material:LDPE low density polyethylene, other materials can be customized
Fits outside diameter:30*15mm
Fits wall thickness:0.8-2.0mm
Color:Standard color black,Other colors  can be customized
Surface effect:Texture surface,Smooth surface can be customized
Environmental standards:ROHS

Product Size

end caps drawing
Size Unit: mm

Part NumberFits Outside Diameter (A)Surface Thickness (h1)Insert Length (h2)Fits Wall Thickness (T)

Product Features

1. Beautiful and durable, fine workmanship, more beautiful surface dermatoglyphic treatment, strong wear resistance, good srength and tenacity, hard to break, barb design, closely cooperate with objects for a long time is not easy to fall off.

2. Good practicability, is very suitable for blocking sharp nozzle edges, has a good protection effect due to thick end surfaces, is easy to install due to the design of peripheral threads, and is suitable for different wall thicknesses at the same time.

3. Good applicability, widely used in office furniture, storage shelves, household appliances, sports equipment, medical equipment, automation machinery, etc.

4. Complete specifications, metric and English specifications are produced.

5. Gree products, no pollution to the environment during installation and use, improve the quality of the target products.

Prooduct Pictures

Manner of packing

Inner Packing: Transparent plastic bag
Outer Packing: Carton
Packing Picture:
plastics end caps packing.jpg

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