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How About QC Management?

1. Standard of quality guarantee system

For each order, HOOREN would follow with the strick quality guarantee system, from getting order→part analysis→starting design→buying steel→material specification→manufacturing→process control inspection→assembly & mold trial →mold shipping, in order for 100% satisfaction from our customers.


2. Strict Research & design analysis order of each order

For part quality, we have strict plan & quality judgment from the beginning of pre-study to finish design & review. Related documents would be provided at each period from getting order → part analysis→design review→design inspection, to make sure the shortened designing time at the premise of high quality.


3. Management of material supplier chosen

To guarantee the quality of steel material , we have three countermeasures for steel material : Steel inspection when arriving, supplier investigation, regular evaluation for supplier. Before buying steel, we would have strict inspection for the qualification of the supplier; After deciding supplier, inspection & supervising would be kept on for each month to analysis the steel quality. For the supplier who offer not satisfactory steel, guidance & correction would be given before starting the following process.


4. All Staff Management during manufacturing

To make sure the quality & safety during manufacturing, every staff have to follow the “3-don’t” principle. ( Don’t accept , don’t manufacture and don’t sell the disqualified molds & components)


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